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"I had been suffering from a back injury for seven years and decided to get a massage.  That's when I met Julie and while she worked the kinks out of my back she also was        channeling my Father who had passed away six months before.  She told me that I could    not have prevented his departure because it was his time to leave. She also told me that my Father, in fact, transitioned before his body.How would she know that I performed  CPR on my Father trying to save his life after he collapsed in front of me, and he ended   up on life support for two days before he passed? Hearing the messages from Julie gave me a feeling of peace, not to mention she also relieved the pain in my back at the same time!"

- Jeannie O. *Wilmington, DE


"Julie is a gifted "reader" who delivers intuitive information in a clear, compassionate manner.  She was able to see details about me that only a few people know.  Her reading provided the insight to handle a difficult situation in my life. If you need clarity about a life issue or you want a message from your spirit guides, I recommend scheduling a reading with Julie".

Charmain. M.  *Newark, DE


 "Recently, I had a reading with Julie. She was very friendly and enlightening.  She told    me things that she had no possible way of knowing.  When our meeting was finished I        felt peaceful and comforted with the fact that my deceased loved ones were together       watching over me. All my questions were answered with ease.  She is a very nice person with a gift from God. I would not hesitate to schedule a reading with her again".

C.W.  *Aston, PA


"I met Julie when I started working as a manager of a billing department within an office    that Julie also worked. Just after 3 days of work I decided not to stay with the new job    as I was still feeling intense emotions after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy just two   months prior who suffered unforeseen issues and lived only 17 minutes and passed away in my arms. My heart was still raw and broken, and I wasn't sure I could concentrate  on a job.  With no knowledge of this previous event (as I had told no one in   my new office)  Julie walked up to me out of the blue and told me that I would be getting  pregnant by the following January and I would deliver a healthy baby boy in the coming fall.  I told her I had hoped so, and confessed the tragedy my husband and I had just      endured, thinking, perhaps she was picking up on a previous event.  She told me that what she was 'seeing'  was not a previous event but one that was yet to come.  By the following January, I was, in fact pregnant, and last fall my husband and I delivered a healthy baby boy just as predicted!"

Carla M.  * Chadds Ford, PA


"A couple of years ago, on my twenty-second birthday to be exact, I was lucky to be            receiving a spectacular massage from Julie.  She does incredible work for the body and soul.It was during this massage, as she cradled my head and neck, she whispered, "Why is your heart closed?" I opened my eyes and she stood above me momentarily paused with a look of concern.I wasn't sure I heard her correctly at first, but she repeated herself while continuing to unwind my neck.  I stuttered through the statement of my recent break-up with a long-term, long-distance boyfriend.She continued to tell me to let my guard down because someone very important would be appearing in my life shortly and I should remain open to him. With that encounter and a few other events that day, I vowed to myself that I would move only forward in my life with an open mind...and heart.  Just a few short weeks later, I met 'him' - a complete stranger.  Today we're in love and  living together with bright aspects on the horizon.  Julie's guidance not only gave me hope for the future, but encouraged me to believe in my happiness above all else."

Tori M. *Chadds Ford, PA


"Thank you to Julie for sharing your gift and positive energy with my family and I.  You truly are an amazing soul.  The connections you received from our father and brother was very exciting!  The messages they told you to tell us was truly them.  I feel like you are a part of our family and thank you for giving us inner peace!"

Colleen V.  * Pennsville, NJ


"Julie is blessed with a gift.  She is very inspirational and personable.  Her intuition provided me, just weeks into our pregnancy, insight into our journey and the gender of our baby.  We just surpassed the first trimester and everything is on track and we will indeed have a boy, as told by Julie.  Julie is a blessing and I recommend her to all."

Jesse A.  *Wilmington, DE.



"Julie is a gifted "Intuitive-Spiritual Adviser- Healer" working in the arts of energy healing, channeling and spiritual readings.  She has personally helped me in so many, and such deep ways that I can't begin to explain how thankful I am".

Ain'e Sands Nic Lurig   *Belfast, UK


"First I must say that I am non religious but believe in a higher power that also resides within me. My reading with Julie was very intriguing. The words that was an expression of a loved one (who had passed on) was spot on!!! The reading left me feeling peaceful yet still intriguing, as to how spirit life works/thru others/us!!! I believe that there are experiences that can be explained and shared, and also experiences that can not be explained articulately nor shared...some things are only for us to feed us them we are allowed to share distinctly with others what is for them!!! I recommend for those who may be apprehensive to allow Julie to share with you what is MEANT for you!You won't be disappointed! She's enlightening.  The experience will enlighten you!!!"

Rochelle P.  *Salem, New Jersey


"Going to a psychic or clairvoyant person can be scary at first.  You never know what the person will be like, if they will truly be a caring person or just someone who is there to take money from people who are going through a rough period in their life.  

I can honestly say that Julie is a kind hearted person with a truly caring soul.  Opening up to her was very easy for myself as I found it very easy to be comfortable around her.  She has provided me with much insight and guidance regarding a relationship that I was involved in, as well as giving directional insight into my future employment.

I would recommend Julie to anyone who is having questions about their life and are looking for insight and advice."

Nick S.  *Woodstown, New Jersey



I was recently interviewed on a radio show - for more specific information or mere curiosity please give this a listen.  The link is below.  If you have any trouble loading it you may go to You Tube and enter my business name "Intuitive Divine Seer" and you will find the interview with my picture on front. (FYI: I recently married and this interview still displays my previous last name "Buzzelli")