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"It is important not to view me as a limited 'form identity' but rather, as a spiritual symbol, facilitating the role of signpost; showing others the way to their nameless, formless, timeless eternal essence already existing within them."

- Anon I. Mus


Q: Have you always known that you had a 'gift'?

A:  Yes and no.  I was aware from an early age that my perception of the World was different than that of my peers.  Though as a child I didn't embrace it, but instead attempted to push it away and block it out.  I felt strange, and a little freakish.  At that time, I did not perceive it as a gift. Instead, it felt like frightening confusion.  I thought I was just an overly sensitive kid who felt too much and I didn't enjoy it.  Now I embrace it completely as an honor and a gift from the Lord.

(The book of Joel - Hebrew old testament -  2:28) "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even upon the menservants and the maidservants in those days I will pour out my spirit". ) 


Q: What is a "Seer"?

A: A "Seer" is a person who "sees". In the Bible, a seer is another name for a prophet (see Samuel 9:9 ("Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, thus he spake, 'Come, and let us go to the seer': for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.)

 But more specifically, a seer was a prophet who saw visions - pictures or scenes seen in the mind's eye, in dreams, or even with one's natural eye.  God spoke to His people through different prophets in different ways, and one was through visions. Accompanying the ability to see visions, a seer was given insight into what God was saying by these visions. I believe that God has allowed me this gift as He has promised His people that He would.


Q:  Can you channel a specific person?

A:  Yes/No.  It is not within my control, Spirit will come through as it wishes.   I give ALL credit and commendation for my abilities to God - without Him I can do nothing.             I privately connect with the Divine and ask merely to be a servant in the process for each individual's highest good, and ask assistance in availing myself for the Holy Spirit to speak through me per God's will.  I trust that whatever comes through during a reading is fulfilling a message of God's choosing, so I will hold nothing back - unless my client has requested I do so.  It is my belief that when a message is "channeled" with specific knowledge of a loved one who has passed, it is merely God utilizing this personal information to gain a comfort level and trust with the person the message is intended for - to grab their attention so they will hear and believe the messages to follow.


Q:  Do you always receive an answer to questions asked?

A: No.  It has been my experience that if you trust the process, the answer may come differently than you may have desired, expected or anticipated.  At times, I am not 'allowed' to see or know the answer to a question, as knowing the answer may not serve your highest good.   Often times what is in store for us is even greater than we can conceive, but if we carry a picture in our minds of the way we wish a question to be answered, we inadvertently block perhaps an even better outcome than we considered possible. (Example:  A man wishes to win a million dollars and continues to hold that image in his Being.  When all along he was destined to win ten million dollars but blocked the energy coming in of an even greater reward because he was so fixated on the smaller one.)  Be open.


Q:  If I'm a skeptic can you still conduct a reading on me?

A:  Yes.  It matters not to me if you 'believe' in what I am allowed to do.  Again,  because it is not me doing anything - only God - I merely am a willing servant.  I think a healthy dose of skepticism is appropriate and I do not begrudge it.  However, be open to being surprised as many others have been.


Q:  Do I need to believe in God in order to receive a reading?

A: No.  I respect all beliefs.  I only ask that you afford me the same courtesy and respect my beliefs as well.  I know that any gifts I receive come directly from the Most High as I have had direct experience numerous times in and out of readings that have caused my certainty.  I do not judge your experiences in believing or not.  We each are invited to have our own unique relationship with God.  If you do not have one, that is merely your choice, I don't cast judgement either way.


Q:  Can you see the future?

A:  Yes, if I am allowed to for your highest good.  Often times during a reading I will randomly channel visions of your 'future' (in this physical reality, because, in higher vibrations such as Spirit, there is no such thing as time, therefore no past, present, future.  Time is only an invention of the physical).  


Q:  How do you get your information - how do you "see"?

A:  I am clairaudient (clear-hearing; I 'hear' messages from the Spirit realm), I am sensitive in psychometry (able to know the past by residual essences remaining in the auric field of an individual), I am clairsentient ( clear feeling. A 'knowing' without fore knowledge)  a physical empath (Although normally a physical empath would take on anothers pain I do not, I am able to 'see' into the body where afflictions that need corrections lay in wait if unattended).  I am a channel (a physical vehicle that surrenders willingly to the Divine in order to be utilized for messages intended personally for the recipient. Usually, the messages make absolutely no sense to me but strike a cord with my client.


I receive images in complete concepts and do my best to decipher how to interpret them in English to be understood.  Sometimes I can not understand individual details (or they are insignificant) but I never miss the concept!  For instance if I pass along to you that you will be moving within the year to a new residence, and you, not having had any prior thought or desire to move may ask me, "Why will I be moving?" I may or may not receive the absolute answer for you, but I can sense if it's family or work related, etc. upon asking.  The more you can drill down your questions, the more accurate and effortless the information can flow.  Imagine two telephone receivers a distance apart.  If only one receiver is engaged there is only silence.  But when the other receiver becomes connected with the first one an exchange can begin.  It is very similar the way an energy or message is exchanged from the spirit realm into the physical.


Q:  How do you know when a message is coming through or you are just conversing with  your client?  

A:  Excellent question!  First, I feel a warming across my chest in the center of my Being from my heart to my solar plexus.  I feel an intense charge come over me as if I can not get information out fast enough -  I have at times felt very humbled by not being able to transfer the information as rapidly as it is received.   I hear myself begin to speak words that are not connected to my thinking mind - it's as if I too am the observer listening in along with my client.  Many times I will run into a client weeks later and have only a general memory of our session together, but the details may be a little “foggy”.  My client may confirm things that were spoken and manifested just as was told in their session. I am honored each and every time I am trusted to give a reading.  I thank the Most High God for this privilege. I call the attention back again to the Most High God - as I have no gift of my own, but only what is allowed to me from above.


Q:  Why are your rates so much lower than other psychics, mediums, energy healers, etc?

A:  Firstly, I am not a medium or a psychic - I do not identify with those terms as they conjure up dark connotations from the days of old. I may show abilities that cause others to want to define me with one of these terms, but I do not identify with them.  Secondly, I do not judge other qualified and gifted individuals in the same field who choose to charge rates far exceeding my own. They have their own path to walk and I have mine.  I answer only to God. I can not speak for the choices of others.  However, I can speak for my own.  I began this work because I desire to help people that are stuck in numerous ways to move forward and advance the blessings in their own lives; so I keep my prices reasonable to reach the masses in need.  I want to serve my fellow humans not only because it is my calling, but I feel I am being Divinely led to do so.  


Q: If you want to help your fellow humans why do you charge a fee at all?

A: Firstly, I donate 100% of my earnings from this work to the less fortunate and to the suffering in our society; ones that have been forgotten by man, but never by God. I believe that I am afforded these gifts by God.  Preachers, pastors, priests, spiritual advisers and numerous members of the clergy also are gifted by God to assist their fellow man.  They are compensated to dedicate their time and energy toward assisting others.  I view what I am allowed to share with others no differently than these individuals.


I was interviewed on a podcast show - for more specific information or mere curiosity please give this a listen.  The link is below.  If you have any trouble loading it you may go to You Tube and enter my business name"Intuitive Divine Seer" and you will find the interview with my picture on front. ( FYI: I recently changed my legal name, so it still indicates my previous name attached (Julie Buzzelli - but it's me!)


If you have any questions that are not answered above please feel free to email me using my contact page.