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The Journey

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The Beginning of a New Journey

Julie Walker-Hampton

Good morning my faithful observers!

By observing my ramblings, it is my hope and desire, to brighten even the smallest spark inside of you; to inspire, to have an "Aha!" moment, to help you gain perspective on your journey or that of another's, or simply to give you peace for a moment while you connect to the stillness within.

Today I am officially launching my myself into the unknown by launching this website to the viral World.  Am I a little scared? No, not at all, as the success does not belong to me but to The One who guides me.  Am I excited? YES!! Beyond words!  This has been a long time in coming and I am so excited about the approaching experiences and the lives I might touch just as each and every one of them touches mine.  I expect only goodness.  I have found  through this work there are so many things to share with others. Such as truths that perhaps myself and my clients felt to be helpful from a profound wisdom during a session, or the understanding that death is not to be feared.   For those of you who are interested in sharing this journey with me, welcome!  I am pleased to have you as a companion while we discover new truths together.  I learn and gain as much from my clients as they profess to gain from me. It's going to be a most profound and grand experience!  Let's have some fun!

Peace be with you,




Okay so I have had this seemingly never ending cycle of trying to color my hair pink. "But I thought it was pink - your profile picture shows it to be pink!" you might be saying to yourself.  That is if you saw my personal profile). Yes. It is pink in the picture. That was taken only a day after I colored it. Since the first time I played with the color pink and my hair (about a year and a half ago) it follows the same pattern; it's perfectly the way I intend it to look immediately after coloring it - but within 3 to 5 days about 2/3 of it washes out and my hair is a blend of random (and odd) strips of pink mixed in with the blonde - it is unique, I'll say that. I don't understand it.

I've tried different products and left the color in for different lengths of time - yet always the same result. Today I am embracing it - this is clearly the way my hair chooses to present itself. And I'm gonna make friends with it instead of resisting the natural flow of things.  It's funny how the simplest things can be a metaphor against the back drop of our lives; even though I kept attempting the same thing expecting a different result - why did it take me so long to realize I needed to let it go and let it be? I know I am just talking about my hair, but am I?

There are lessons for us everywhere and guidance in our choices - it is us who refuse the clarity that is always there, nudging us. This simple example of truth causes me to wonder; how many more things have I refused to see because I didn't get the answer I wanted? Our lessons come from unexpected places, don't they?